FUTURE+ aims to become a European-based project committed to enhancing young people's health and well-being living in underprivileged districts, via positive experiences in youth sport.

Project goal is to promote, develop and share an evidence-based coach education programme that can help coaches foster quality motivation and make sport not only engaging, empowering and enjoyable but also a tool of added value for social inclusion.

Project aims at defining a common methodology to implement sports-based inclusion interventions to help children uncover their athletic talent, explore personal development and find academic focus through a tight-knit community of mentors, peers and athletes.


Project's objectives:

  • To identify the key components of a European-based coach education programme for youth sport in underprivileged districts.
  • To develop a European-based coach education programme for youth sport that will provide a realistic strategy for social inclusion through sport in young people.
  • To distribute evidence-based principles of good coaching practice and project findings.
  • To bring FUTURE+ project findings to the attention of sport organisations, politicians, and other policy makers concerned with youths sport as a tool of social inclusion.



Analysis of the current coach programme and to what extent it is addressing issues of social inclusion in each of the participating countries

Future+ Handbook - A tool for promoting social inclusion through sport

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