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Goal of the project

FUTURE+ project will promote, develop and share an evidence-based coach education programme that can help coaches foster quality motivation and make sport not only engaging, empowering, and enjoyable but also a tool of added value for social inclusion. 

Its goal is to: 

  • Help grassroots coaches understand how they can foster quality motivation in children living in underprivileged districts;
  • Provide coaches with strategies for promoting a more empowering climate and making youth sport a tool of social inclusion

Innovative aspects

The potential innovation of the Future+ project is that it focuses on sports-based social inclusion interventions targeting children living in deprived and underprivileged areas, with special needs and circumstances differing from other target groups. Besides this, the project attempts to mainstream the social inclusion through two minority sports, such as Wrestling and Artistic Gymnastics. 

Digging further into the potential innovation of the present project, it is worthy to point out that there is a limited amount of knowledge on the political conditions for and structural characteristics of sports clubs that promote social inclusion. What little research exists on the subject suggests that sports constitutes significant terrain for the social adjustments to children living in disadvantaged neighborhoods, providing opportunities to overcome poverty, social exclusion and alienation. Therefore, this project aims to fill the gap and contribute to the knowledge of how grassroots sports can contribute to promote social inclusion by the shaping of an appropriate coach program able to address the challenges of children living in deprived areas.

The partnership


Club Lluita Olimpica La Mina

Club Gimnastica La Mina - Gervasio Deferr

ASM de Clermont-Ferrand

International Center for Promotion of Education and Development

European Institute for Local Development



Analysis of the current coach programme and to what extent it is addressing issues of social inclusion in each of the participating countries

Future+ Handbook - A tool for promoting social inclusion through sport

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